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Anbefal Spillebula til dine venner og bli med i trekningen av $1000 !


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Learn how to play Roulette, and try it out... 

Here you can learn to play Roulette if you are not an experienced Roulette-player. Take a walk down to our Roulette-guide and learn how to play, and learn the rules and the odds. When you feel like trying out your new skills, here is the opportunity to have fun without any risk. When you feel like trying for real money, visit one of the gamblingsites presented at Be patient if the site takes some time to upload. 

Do you want to learn how to play the Roulette ?

Roulette is fun - if you know how to play ! If you dont know how to play, and dont know what the different words and phrases means, you loose ! Here you can learn what they mean, and which odds you get.

To your right you can see the different possibilities illustrated, and what is the payout. If you just want to see the odds plain and simple, try out the table below.

Your bet Pays you
"Straight up" 35-1
"Split" 17-1
"Street" 11-1
"Corner" 8-1
"Six-line" 5-1
"Four-line" 8-1
"Dozen" 2-1
"Column" 2-1
"Even chances" 1-1

Start to play the Roulette G til rouletten og begynn  spill !

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

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 Wishing you Wild, Wild Winnings...

Although every attempt has been made to ensure fairness and security toward the player at each of the links that can be found in the directories, cannot be held responsible if discrepancies occur between an online gambling operation and the player after following a link from this web-site.
Anbefal Spillebula til dine venner og bli med i trekningen av $1000 !
Wishing you Wild, Wild Winnings...
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